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Ice Rink Liners White/Black

This liner is "Bright White" on one side, black on the opposite side.  Blue Lake Ice Rink Liners are a 3 layer blown poly, meaning there are 3 layers of poly bonded together for added strength.  

Blue Lake takes pride in the quality of our ice rink liners, made with virgin resins the quality is unmatched.  

Upon rolling out your liner and spreading it out, the "Bright White" side will be facing up, reflecting the suns rays, keeping the ice in your backyard rink nice and crisp along the boards and in the corners.

You will receive your Blue Lake Liner in a heavy duty cardboard box, rolled onto a 3" cardboard tube.

Blue Lake Rink Liners are used in Backyard Rinks and Commercial Hockey Rinks around the globe, you will be highly satisfied with our product.