Ice Rink Products

Ice Rink Products

Ice Rink Products Designed to Provide a Solid Foundation

Welcome to Blue Lake Plastics, your premier online store for a wide range of high-quality plastic rink liners and ice rink liner repair tape. Whether you're setting up your own private ice rink, maintaining a neighborhood or park rink, or managing a commercial hockey rink, we have proven ice rink products and affordable prices. 

Our collection of white ice rink plastic and repair tape is designed to meet the unique needs of different environments and skating activities. From durable materials to precise cutting to desired size, our liners are manufactured of the highest quality and 100% virgin plastic for exceptional performance and longevity. Our ice rink liner repair tape can be used during the initial installation, as well as throughout the skating season to repair punctures or general wear in your ice rink link over time.

Shop Blue Lake Plastics and elevate your ice-skating rink set-up and maintenance experience today!

All orders are shipped within three business days.  Online ordering is available for orders shipping within the USA only, all other orders need to be placed by calling Blue Lake Plastics at 320-333-9255. Order early to ensure delivery by the date you want to install your rink. We cannot guarantee an arrival date for your liner, but you will receive a tracking number when your liner ships so that you have door-to-door tracking and estimated arrival dates.

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