Ice Rink Liners

Ice Rink Liners

The Best Ice Rink Liners on the Market

Blue Lake Plastics ice rink liners are unrivaled for quality and durability.  Designed for backyards, sports courts, and commercial hockey rinks worldwide, our exceptional hockey rink liners and commitment to customer service results in continual five star reviews from happy customers. We offer our customers the best quality product available on the market and generate sales of over 25 million square feet of poly each year.

White Liners

Blue Lake Plastics ice rink liners are made of a heavy 6 mil tri-layer poly. Our outdoor rink liners are manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, ensuring our customers that our liners are made from the highest quality 100% virgin material.

Black / White Liners

Custom cut by our manufacturer, the 5 mil White/Black Ice Rink Liners are a perfect alternative for a budget friendly rink.  Our 5 mil liners offer the durability needed for your rink with the quality you've come to expect from Blue Lake Plastics.  With the white facing up, the liner will reflect the sun with no "bleeding through" of the black underside. This liner is "Bright White" on one side, black on the opposite side.  Blue Lake Ice Rink Liners are a 3 layer blown poly, meaning there are 3 layers of poly bonded together for added strength.Upon rolling out your liner and spreading it out, the "Bright White" side will be facing up, reflecting the suns rays, keeping the ice in your backyard rink nice and crisp along the boards and in the corners.

You will receive your ice rink liner in a heavy duty cardboard box, rolled onto a 3" cardboard tube.  Upon rolling out your liner and spreading it out, the white poly will reflect the sun's rays, keeping the ice in your backyard rink nice and crisp, especially along the boards.  

All orders are shipped within three business days.  Online ordering is available for products shipping within the USA only, and all other orders need to be placed by calling Blue Lake Plastics at 320-333-9255. Order early to ensure delivery by the date you want to install your rink. We cannot guarantee an arrival date for your liner, but you will receive a tracking number when your liner ships so that you have door-to-door tracking and estimated arrival dates.

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