Our Satisfied Customers

8th Dec 2014

2022 Ice Rink Season

*  Loved your liner last year, thanks for the great product!  Brian L-Minneapolis, MN

*  Thank You as always!  You guys are the best!   Tom S-Circle Pines, MN

*  Really like your service.  Joseph K-Minneapolis, MN

*  Ninth year with a Blue Lake liner!  Nathaniel R-Sherborn, MA

*  Love your product...and the complimentary stocking cap!!!  Andrew S-Minneapolis, MN

*  Thanks again, my 4 kids always fight over who gets the hat.  They wear it with pride. John C-Bartlett, IL

*  Could you send another winter hat like last year?  My wife stole mine she liked it so much!  Austin B-Carrolton, OH

2022 Agricultural Season

*  You can tell how a company treats its people by the way its people treat customers.  Every email and phone call has been a positive experience for me.  I wish other businesses were ran as well as Blue Lake Plastics.  Francis D-Palisade, MN

2021 Ice Rink Season

* Thank you, your products are always great!  Paul M-Edina, MN

*  Thanks for another great year of backyard hockey!  Jim R-Plymouth, MN

*  I just want to let you know that the liner arrived on Sunday, was placed and is now getting its dose of water, and ice on the way. :)  Thank you so much for expediting the process.  Ernie V-Chepachet, RI

*  My buddy recommended you - his liner is great!  Thanks!!  Brian L-Minneapolis, MN

*   Just put up the rink today and the liner worked perfectly! (01/01/2022) Thanks for the hat, my son loves it!  James P-Bloomfield Hills, MI

*  Hey Blue Lake Plastics, thanks from Boston!  Weather is perfect this week.  Grandkids are enjoying it every day out there!  Stay well and thank for the hat!  Papa Buck   Steve B-Hingham, MA 

2020 Ice Rink Season

    *  I just ordered my 3rd liner from Blue Lake Plastics today, 01/30/2021.  I have had a great experience with the liners and working with Blue Lake Plastics.  I noticed when reading the reviews there were no comments from Ohio  so I wanted to take a moment to represent Ohio and the success we have had over the past 7+ years of Blue  Lake liners. Thanks for your quality product and quick delivery process.  Make it a great day!  Robert S-Bay Village, OH

*  Thank you!  We're excited to use our first rink. First year having one.  Gina B-East Lansing, MI

*  You are awesome, we love your products!  I'm telling everyone about you, it's way better than my experience at competitors.  Paul M-Edina, MN

*  This is the third year I will be using the 24x60 Blue Lake Liner and the sixth year I have had a rink, I am very impressed with the quality and the price.  Mike B.-Elk River, MN 

*  First time customer and excited to try your rink liners.  Always nice to buy locally.  This is the 8th season as an outdoor rink builder.  Andrew S.-Brainerd, MN

*  Thanks again for providing such a great product at such a great value.  We appreciate having another year to enjoy a healthy winter time activity.  Jeffrey K.-Clarkston, MI

*  We have used your company for the last four years and appreciate you.  Mike M-Plattsmouth, NE

2020 Agricultural Season

     *  Just finished covering the silage for year two with the Fortress Covers I got from you last year, I will never entertain going back to tires.  We have zero spoilage, zero rodents get into the cover and it's much easier to cover using the gravel bags without a doubt.  Shaw Dairy Farm-Dracut, MA

2019 Ice Rink Season

*  I've been looking for liners online for a while and was very excited to learn that the best price and product was right in my back yard!  Bruce D-St Cloud, MN 

*  Great word-of-mouth on your service and products in the Twin Cities.  My family is excited about this liner to build our very first backyard rink.  Tyler L-Falcon Heights, MN

*  Hello folks at Blue Lake Plastics, You guys do a great job.  Our kids, family and neighbors have made some great memories of backyard ice skating and hockey thanks to your great products and service.  Jeff K-Clarkston, MI

*  I've ordered rink liners from you all for the past 3 hockey seasons for my outdoor rink.  Love the product, price, fast delivery and customer service!  I have 4 kids who play hockey and they all are on edge the whole month of November waiting for the rink to be put up.  I'm one of the guys who also talks a lot about BLP on the Backyard Ice Rinks group on Facebook as well.  Can't say enough good things about you all.   Brenden K-Sparta, WI

*  I appreciate chatting with someone on your team this morning with respect to product recommendations.  Also, glad to support a MN company.  Paul M-Edina, MN

*  Started flooding last night!! Thanks  Angela S-St Cloud, MN

*  Hello Team, Built my new skating rink, the plastic unrolled and it took me about 2 hours to install...And thanks for the hats!  Mitch E-Greenwood Lake, NY

*  I would be great to get my liner by Friday this week.  Sunday looks like it might be a good day to fill!  Earliest day to fill the rink in my memory!! (Received note November 5th.)  Andy H-Shakopee, MN 

2018 Ice Rink Season

*  Thanks for the quality products.  Chris G-Marlton, NJ

* Thanks again from Helena, Montana!  Jason M-Helena, MT

*Thank you for your awesome service!  Looking forward to year number 3 on the backyard rink in Massachusetts!  Happy Holidays to you and yours.  Jeff P-Chemsford, MA 

*Hopefully you still put the stocking hats into the box.  Your Blue Lake Plastic's hat was my son's favorite hat all winter.  Matthew S-Blaine, MN   (We are putting hats in the boxes again this year.  Glad to hear you like them!)

*  Last year was our first time purchasing your liner and it worked great for our rink!  Our four kids love hockey! Thanks again!  Shannon D-Somerset, WI

* Love the product!  I have a blue and a black beanie from you guys, looking forward to adding to my collection. :D  Matthew D-Chicago, IL        (He received a white beanie with his liner this year.)

* Solid product. Great service!  I would recommend Blue Lake to anyone that is looking for ice rink liners!  Brent M-Annandale, MN

2017 Ice Rink Season

*  Blue Lake, Thanks so much for the hat!  I was already stoked to flood my rink and when I opened my liner and found the hat I did a little dance!  Here's to a good winter!  Thanks again!  Justin S-Harland, WI 

*  This has been the 2nd year we have ordered a rink liner from Blue Lake Plastics.  I just wanted you to know I have received excellent service from the staff as well as a high quality product.  I will continue to order my liners and other backyard rink accessories from you.  Eric J-Woodbury, MN 

*  I am excited to purchase a backyard rink liner from Blue Lake again. I was thrilled with it and used it for 2 years, may have even lasted longer but a tree limb fell straight through it on the splintered end like a spear last year and ripped a big hole. The quality was so much better than the previous 4 years I purchased from Nice Rink, and you have much better options for sizes. I have been recommending Blue Lake to all my hockey family friends and hopefully you will continue to get more business from Massachusetts out of it. And, you were a pleasure to do business with. Now we just need the weather to cooperate this year.  Kim P-Newburyport, MA

*  I just placed an order for a rink liner.  This is my second season using your liners since I discovered you.  They work great!  Sean E-Horace, ND

*  Got my ice rink liner, now I just have to wait for some cold weather (looks to be next week).  Thanks for the free stocking cap.  I referred your company to  a couple of friends who build back yard rinks.  Thanks again, Tony A- Bemidji, MN

2016 Ice Rink Season

* This is the 3rd year I've ordered from you guys and I've recommended you to many people.  You're great!  Please keep your price down and stay doing what you do!  Thanks, Tom J-Plymouth, MN

*  You guys at Blue Lake Plastics do a great job. Thanks for another year of backyard hockey with my kids.  Jeff K-Clarkston, MI

*  I am a several year customer and this is the last season I will be doing a rink.  I appreciate the service you have given me over the years and I have recommended your business to several other people.  Thanks for providing a great product at a competitive price.  I will be submitting an order in the very near future for the usual 32'x55' liner.  Thank you again for the past several years of professional service.  Jeff H-S St Paul, MN  (Seventh year of ordering his liner thru Blue Lake Plastics.)

*  Recruited another customer for you this year...Keep up the good work!  Glow in the dark puck is a great idea.  Excited for that addition this year.  Andy H-Shakopee, MN 

*  Getting ready to order up a liner for this year -  this will be year number 3 with you guys.  Thanks again for many great winter nights - and hopefully many more!  Adam L-Dedham, MA

*  Your liner finally wore out after 3 years!!! It would have lasted longer except I had a problem when storing it this past summer.  Will be ordering another.  Kent H- Milford, NH

* Hi Blue Lake Plastics!  I would usually never email a company and I want you to know I always buy my rink liner from you. You have an awesome product at an amazing price and the shipping is super fast and affordable. I can't express enough how much I appreciate you guys. We have hours of fun on our rink because of your product. So... I was bummed there was no Blue Lake Plastics winter hat in my order this year, I love wearing the white winter hat around town and to the rink for my son's games and telling people how awesome my liner is when they complain that their $250 liner from another company ripped during their fill. Anyway, just bummed about the hat. Maybe think about putting it in there next season. Free advertising from this guy for sure! Thanks again for what you do!   Nate D -Middleton, WI ( Nate was sent two stocking hats for his message-made our day!)

*  Thank you for accommodating our size request and making it happen so fast.  Rink is fully flooded and looking better than ever!  Paul and Kristin Z - Minneapolis, MN 

*  Awesome service!  Thx!  Kevin O-Darien, CT

*  I am looking forward to supporting your business.  I saw your news video, and was inspired by your innovation.  Your pricing saved me over $50 compared to the price of a competitor!  Great Job.  Regards, Robert B-Plainfield, IL

2015 Ice Rink Season

* Thanks! First time buyer, hearing good things. Can't wait to get it! Bryan P-Manchester, NH

* Thanks for the quick turn around. Joe N-Aspen, CO 

*  Thanks for the liner.  Got it installed and looks great!!  Matt R-Anchorage, AK

*  Thank you, gonna give a rink a try, wish us luck!  Dave L-Salem, NH

*  Thanks for your advice on liner selection.  Jack M-Jericho, VT

*  I want to say I wish I had met you a few years ago.  It would have eliminated all the issues I have had for the past six years.  Last year was the last straw.  I filled my newly assembled rink for 14 hours to wake up in the morning to find I lost 2/3 of the water.  This is where you came in.  I found you on the internet and called you and drove up and picked up one of your liners the next day.  The rest is history. I will place my order online tonight.  Thanks for the Liners!  Dan C-Chaska, MN 

*  I usually drive up to pick up my liner and say "hi", unfortunately won't be able to this year. I placed my order online.  Thanks for the liner!  Chris L-Orono, MN

*  First time ordering, very simple.  Brian D-Jackson, MI

*  Thank you so much, the liner is great.  Sadly, we had a record breaking 58 degrees here in NJ the other day, but it should start getting colder.  Thanks for everything.  It's refreshing to deal with good people.  Steve D-Weehawken, NJ

*  Just to let you know, the white up, black down poly worked great.  The grass is actually greener when I pulled it up.  Jerry R-Plymouth, MN

2014 Ice Rink Season

*  We are very happy returning customers.  Thank you!      Dan C-New Hope, MN

*  Third year ordering from you.  I've been very pleased with timeliness and quality in the past.  Thanks!     Stephen W-Pittsburgh, PA

*  I ordered a liner from you 3 or 4 years ago and it held up great.  Looking forward to a few more years with this liner.  Really good product.     Steven S-Metamora, IL

*  Thanks for another great Hockey Season!      Rich G-Orono, MN

*  Thank you!!!  First liner lasted two years, but couldn't get another year out of it!  Your quick turn around was awesome - please again!!!   Bradley P-Delafield, WI

*  Thanks for the liner! Year number 4 of ordering from you.   Gary D-Shakopee, MN 

*  Skate on...      Kris K-North Yarmouth, ME

*  I did some research, glad to know I'm buying from a small company here in America!  Casey M-Manchester, CT

*  Thanks in advance for shipping this awesome liner and bringing the cold weather with it!  JP A-White Lake, MI

*  Thank you for the customer service, great product and great price.  We have used your liners for the last three years  with great success.  Nathan B-Hilton, NY

*  Thank you very much for your kind and prompt service.  Scott K-Lignite, ND  

*  Just wanted to let you know that the rink liner is working spectacularly this year!  Thanks a lot!  Eric C-Marlborough, MA

2013 Agricultural Season

*  Thanks for delivering our product.  We greatly appreciate what you've done.  Thank You!  Jeremy and Kristie K.-Paynesville, MN

2013 Ice Rink Season

*  We were extremely happy with your service last year and glad to order a liner from you again this year.  Thank you for a great job.  Dan C.-New Hope, MN

2012 Agricultural Season

*  Thank you for the good service.  Blue View Dairy-Caladonia, MN