Sports Netting

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Product Overview

The Sport Netting is made of 2mm thick heavy duty twisted twine in 1” x 1” squares. UV protection for longer life. The netting has a rope on the top, bottom and sides for easy securing. Blue Lake Sport Netting is everything you are looking for in a containment net.   Free Shipping


Sport Netting for Athletic Teams, Private Practice & Backyard Recreation

At Blue Lake Plastics, we understand the importance of having reliable sport netting that offers safety, protection, and containment for various activities. Our customers consistently rate our containment netting high for its exceptional strength, durability, and longevity, ensuring you receive a long-lasting return on your purchase.

Our sport netting is designed to cater to a wide range of sports and settings. Here are a few of the most popular uses customers share with us:

Backyard Sports Netting

Eliminate worry and delight your neighbors by creating a secure and designated area in your backyard for sports activities. Whether it's soccer, baseball, or golf, our sport netting acts as a boundary, keeping the ball within the play/practice area while providing safety to others and preventing any accidental damage to property.

Golf Swing Practice Nets

School golf teams, private lesson instructors, and avid golfing families set up our containment netting in designated practice areas so golfers can practice with confidence. Stop worrying about stray shots and focus on practicing and having fun, knowing our netting will effectively contain golf balls.

Hockey Rinks Netting

Ensure the safety of players and spectators by surrounding your entire hockey rink with our protective sport netting. Whether a public city rink, school hockey rink, or private rink in a backyard, sports netting acts as a barrier, preventing pucks from leaving the rink and reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Baseball & Softball Sports Nets

Keep your baseballs and softballs securely contained within your yard or intended ball field area with our reliable sport netting. Whether you're practicing your pitching skills, teaching T-ball to eager preschoolers, coaching youth sports, or enjoying a casual kickball game with friends, our netting provides a reliable barrier that keeps balls from rolling away, entering a roadway, or injuring spectators.

No matter the activity, our affordable sport netting is designed to meet your needs and is ready to ship for free today!